Posted by: Kafka Okada | October 28, 2010

gv me

if ud only ask me to wait, id wait longer than i cud..
if ud give me even just the smallest reason to stay, id stay forever…
i miss you. iv lost u, but uv never lost me.
try as much as i can, im slipping away.
but im fighting.
but i need reason to.
and even slimmest of chances wud olrdy do…

Posted by: Kafka Okada | August 11, 2010


someday ill try to
lay down in cold grass on the soft earth
in a darkness of the soft night
bathed with stars’ solemn light
aroused by the grass’ distinct sweet smell
accompanied by the early dew appearing in their blades.
waiting for stars to fall
tracing their path in the heavens
imagining where they’re coming from
wondering where they’ll be going
marveling at their beauty
marveling at such simple overwhelming beauty.
ill let my imagination take me away
my emotions fueling me on
flying through the blue-black sky
gliding with the midnight cool breeze
imitating the stars fleeting by
falling back on my inviting patch of land.
someday i will do all that.
fully relaxed
without inhibitions
free and carefree.
free like meteors shooting on that night
and with You by my side.